Protect our River, Protect our Beauty


The Tennessee River is an integral part of Tennessee's economy, tourism, environment and our scenic beauty.  Over 650 miles long, the river connects us - to one another, to businesses and to nature. 

Do you love our river?  Do you enjoy waterfront walks, boating, swimming, the scenic beauty?  It's time to take action and help protect the Tennessee River! 

Sponsored by TVA and Keep Tennessee Beautiful, in our inaugural year, we hosted four cleanups.  With 144 volunteers, we removed 14,540 pounds of debris from the Tennessee River!

Get involved today in one of these cleanups!  Or - commit to adopting a river mile and host your own cleanup!



About Keep The TN River Beautiful and the work we've done.

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Upcoming cleanups along the Tennessee River.

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Adopt-a-river Mile

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