Frequently asked questions.

Q: How does the Adopt-A-River Mile program work?

A: Any group or organization that wants to take action to clean the Tennessee River, may submit a request form via our website.  If that river mile is available, you may officially adopt it. By adopting the mile, you agree to clean up along that river mile twice a year.  You’ll receive a free, permanent outdoor metal sign displaying our name and your river mile(s).  Adoptees will also receive supplies for your initial river cleanups.  

Q:  Who's eligible?

A: ANY group or individual who wants to make a difference!!

Q:  Is there a fee involved?

A:  NO!!!  This program is absolutely FREE!!

Q:  What are the benefits of participating in the program?

A:  Besides the sense of pride your group will have by knowing that you are improving your community and the river, there are a variety of ways you will be recognized.   Your team will be recognized with a variety of FREE SWAG!  With each new group that signs up for an Adopt A Riiver Mile, you will receive free t-shirts and water bottles for your volunteers (limit 6 per river mile). You will be recognized via our website and via our social media.  Additionally, you will receive a metal sign denoting your commitment to protecting that river mile!  You may display your river mile sign at your business, residence – or with the landowner’s permission along the river mile itself.

Q:  Which spots are available?

A:  Any mile along the TN River is adoptable.  Your organization may adopt both of the riverbanks of each mile or only one side of the riverbank.  To see the river miles closest to you, please see

Q:  Are there restrictions?

A:  As a river adoptee, you may clean up your TN River mile.  However, before you decide to clean along a shoreline or display a sign, you must gain permission from the landowner.  Meeting with the landowner(s) along the river mile is strongly encouraged so you may determine the best way to access the shoreline and to gain a vested partnership!

Q:  How frequently are groups required to conduct litter cleanups?

A:  Groups are asked to make a commitment of a minimum of one (1) mile of riverway.  The group must commit to cleaning up litter for one (1) year and conduct two litter pickups each year.  

Q:  Are there additional requirements?

A:  Each group leader must ensure that all participants complete safety waivers prior to the clean up date.  By completing these forms, volunteers will also be recognized by Keep TN River Beautiful for their clean up efforts!  After the cleanup, the group must fax, email or mail the Adopt A River Mile Record Form that lists the total number of volunteers and the amount of litter collected.  Pictures of the volunteers cleaning up and before and after shots are always encourages so we may recognize you, your volunteers and your hard work on our website and social media pages.  

Q:  How do I find out which spots are adoptable?

A:  Email  It is strongly encouraged to determine which river miles you’re interested in adopting prior.  You can see a list of river miles by location at

Q:  I'm interested!  How do I start?

A:  Complete the Contact form on the website or email today!



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